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Hey guys. I'm Yasmine.
I'm that type of person who laughs too much, takes chances, and never gives up. I notice the smallest gifts that life gives us, and I always wake up with a smile on my face. I get caught up with the lyrics to songs, and I'm happy with the smallest things in life because that's what counts. It all gets better, dont give up. I get caught up with the beauty of nature all the time, and I love taking walks in beautiful weather.
Individuality is what makes you unique, so don't be afraid to show it. Please remember that you are all beautiful, and im here for anyone that just wants to talk.
I dont have a lot much to say, I just wanted to tell everyone that Life is one long journey, but its worth the climb in the end. Dont give up on life, because trust me it IS worth it, no matter how hard it seems now.

Quotes by yazgirl1

I try too hard.
I like almost every guy that likes me.
I fall in love with the compliments and the attention.
And in the end, they rip me apart.
Christmas List:

- Free time

- Faster internet

- More pizza

- Friends maybe please I'm funny I swear someone date me
let the road 


The best relationships are the ones you never saw coming. 
Is life not fair?
Is it not right or just?
Is that what we all think?
That it's all greed and trust.
Well, I have news to tell you.
Yes, you reading this.
All those cries and shouts
Are said in ignorance
Ignorance of life itself
And what is offers
Because they dont see the light
That all people call for
But you, yes you
I want you to see the light
The love, and the faith
The truth, and the right. 
So if you really think
That life is not fair,
It does get better, 
And you will care
For I thought the same,
that life is cruel,
And lonely and sick, 
It's like you're a tool.
But there is a light,
At the end of the darkness,
We just have to hang on, 
And see what life has to offer.
I never understood why is was so bad to be led on. At least someone's taking time to talk to you, right?
Well, I finally get it. you know, experience makes you wiser. After all the flirting and cute texts, you end up with her.
I don't get it. But I finally understand.
Sometimes the past is just a memory. Sometimes it's what keeps us going. Sometimes it's a pain to remember. But whatever it is, it's over. Don't live your life in the past. Live it for what is to come in the future.
We spend so much time looking for the 'ideal' form of love.
The one we see in books, in movies, in our minds. We search for love, and don't open our minds to any other form of love. We shut off everything else and look for that one perfect image.
When in reality, love is a surprise. It comes unexpected. It can come in so many ways, from so many different types of people. Don't only look for your ideal Prince Charming, because there's so much more to it.
Open your mind.
Open your heart.
Open your eyes.
That summer's day, like a dream that came true,
                  Hand in hand, smiling, doing what we please.                       
                   We ran and jumped and over the earth we flew,                     
                   Adrenaline high, running with the breeze.                              
                            That summer's night, a painting come alive,                                    
                  The colors bright and vivid like the stars.                               
                             The moon smiles down at us and shines his light,                           
                   On strong love that can be seen from afar.                             
                  We swam in glistening water all day long,                             
                  And sat in the shade of the willow tree.                                 
                  When night would fall we'd sit and sing our song,                
                 Until we fell in perfect harmony.                                            

                  My love, this song's for you and only you,                          
But you left and shared it with someone new.
Sometimes when things are falling apart,
they may actually be falling in place ...