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but don't let them say you ain't beautiful


No girl should feel she has to trade
Her body for love or be an old maid
And yes there are guys who are willing to wait
Friend: hey Paige
Me: *singing* why you so obsessed with me lying that your sexing me when everybody knows!
You are my reason to wake up in the morning.
Without you my life would be meaningless
If i lay here, if i just lay here.
Would you lie with me?
And just forget the world?
Most peoples heroes have capes and mask, mine have tattoos and sing
I don't know how you guys bond with your siblings, but I sit with my litle brother and look at jokes on witty
I dont understand how other people have so much fun when the biggest excitement of my life is my laptop not getting too hot after hours of use

~ how to look stunningly beautiful ~

~ step 1 ~

wash all that makeup off

~ step 2 ~

Be you 


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