Status: i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!! except for you......dont look confused you know you already know (-.-)
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hilo im McKenzie
Im 14 and very imature for my age i took a test that said i have the mind of a 6 yr old :P

green is my favorite color I love to draw and read
i would literally DIE without music
its a possibility that i might be bipolar oh yeah and im completely and uterly insane!!>:)

Quotes by yeah_im_weird_

Two games that tear friendships apart:

1. uno
2. duck duck goose
me: running up the down escalader and tripping -.-
Awkward moments with my dad#3

me: *on witty* *page with only comments about periods, boys, and cursing*

my dad: *reads screen over my shoulder*

me: *tries to scroll really fast to the next page* *computer freezes*

me: -.- perfect

*say something human say something human say something human*

    how are you?

*nailed it*

I am NOT a f*ckin weeble!
   if you push me
     I WILL fall!
i prefer surprise adoption

*sees guy i have a crush on*
me: tried seductive smile
friend: are you ok? you look constipated
me:...........thanks -.-
me: Forgetting what an airport is called
me: calling it a plane station fits
me: i make sense