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 ;DHiiiyyyaaa names nikole but i preferr nikki. im 11 years old and living it to the fullestt. i will soon be 12 on june 14th*-; cant wait. in my free time i spend studying and petting my cat lawlll. jaykay. i love taking pictures listening to music and clearly wittyyyying. i listen to several artists justin drew bieber, katy perry, nicki minaj , lady gaga,one direction, miley cyrus, selena gomez , avril lavene all those people(: i take pictures for facebook. instagram and TUMBLR! ) instagram-nikkiiix3
tumblr- love animals . most  that iss. my fears would be anything including ghosts and stuff like that spiders and snakes. and i am affraid of getting hurt. not by boys only but by clearly everyone. you cant trust anyone anymore. i hate things like fake people ,rumors, and when people put everyone else down. like does it make them feel better about themselves? i have a million questions but they cant be answered. whats the point of bullying? is one of them . its not cool. to be the bully. i stopped someone from committing suicide , wouldnt it be cooler to do that then be the reason someone does or  is gonna or thinks too. ? ask yourself what is this going to do for me or others if i do this ? before you go and be stupid and do it. im someone who is full of inspiration and im loud and energetic all the time. BESIDES IN SCHOOL. SCHOOLS A WASTE OF TIME. goooosshhh. i could be doing better things all day. thats why i love summerr <3 diffrent topic. i  have allot of bestfriends and i love them allot so shoutout to tara jordan agie natalie rachel sara and a few more. *-; friends are good to have.but i love my family. my family consists of 3 dogs. 3 cats. 2 annoying sisters and 2 parents. (: i dont know what i would do without any of them. but ill soon know... anyways. i have an amazing boyfriend  his names benjamin ben for short(: ive been dating him since December 14 2010(: hessaakeeppperrr. hes amazing. and hes one of my bestfriends. oh yeah before i end this i have to say one thing i love all of my followers. short small big tall. your all amazing .& gurls your beautiful keep your heads up*-;  get to know me bettter. (comment if you wanna) and if you read all of this your truly amazing <3 


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you know whos beautiful? read the First word again

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its so hard
to forget someone
gave you so much to remember.

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hes not  perfect , you arnt either  but if he makes you laugh atleast once,makes you think twice then  hold onto him and give him the best you can


           I'm not telling you its goingto be easy im telling you its going to be worthit,


IT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE IF I GOT ALLOT OF HAPPY BIRTHDAYS ON MY PAGE. my birthday is June 14. (: thankyou. <3 love you all. 
Girl: hey
Boy: Uhm? Hi
Girl: Whats Up?
Boy: Nothing Is there a reason Your talking to Me?
Girl: Well I Sort Of like You. ...
Boy: ???
Girl: Do You like Me back?
Boy: Well Uhm Your 4 years younger then Me.
Girl: Oh.
Girl: Okay Well I gtg.
Boy: Bye.

2 Weeks later.The Boy Saw the girl On the News, she hung herself. She left a Note that Said "Age Shouldn't matter. I Will Always Love You." 1 Week later The boy Was On the news he hung himself to but he Wrote On the Wall And Said "I Was Wrong, Age Shouldn't Matter. You Were right. I Love You Forever And Always." If you believe that age shoudn't matter.
#REPOST this .... Or tonight the boy and the girl Will be Standing by Your bed..Or u will loose the
one youu love

this is cute. age shouldnt matter if there is love. love is love not age

e a s y come ...

easy go ...

A dad comes home drunk and mad, he pulls out a gun and shoots his wife and turns to the gun himself and pulls the trigger. The little girl sits behind a couch crying. The police came and took the little girl to a new family, and she went to her first Sunday school at church. She walks past the building and sees a picture of Jesus on the cross. The little girl then ask's the teacher "How did that man get off the cross?" the Teacher replied "He never did" then the little girl argued "Yes he did. Because the night that my mommy and daddy died he sat next to me behind the couch, telling me everything was going to be alright". 66% of you won't post this, But remember what the bible say's "Deny me in front of your friends and i shall Deny you in front of my father". So re-post this, remember God saw you read this.

don't waste your time on someone you know will never be there for you when your always there for them its