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**u were hotter on myspace** xxpractice makes perfect.. to much makes a whoreeexx -tell me that im georgous && kiss me like im famous- ^^you hate me cuz im awesum drunk & naked^^ yhaaaaaaaa alrite so mah names katie... i like to write and make up stuff i like this site cuz i write w/e i feel. --------------------------------------- heresa couple of mah favorite quotes i've made up... **play'n twister at 1 in the morning//watching disney movies// makin pizza//eating salsa & chips//dancing in our bras//where would i b w/o u// bored n boring!!iloveu with a fucken passion!!!**-dedicated 2 mah grl lauen!! && he evn watched grease with me- i love u ian!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ^^ tht would b me mah dear!!

Quotes by yeaimshortso

u dnt see me after u go home after everone leaves noone sees me b/c i wont show them i don't want to see me hurt, and weak im stuck this way and i cant go back so if i sit home by myself im only depressing myself you were once my antidote but then you left me here to cry w/o knowing and if i told u i'd b afraid of loosing you so get angrey b mad but for me its so much better than the tears stained on my face left here that noone sees but me
ur so stupid its going rite over ur head
if you opened ur eyes you'd only see what u want
but whats rite in front of you is what u take for granted
therefore you deserve what you get
mayb if you paid more attention to me u'd see wht u were missing but ur to caught up in ur vain self
so why should i try if you don't even care
do u want this as bad as me or are you just here to b here and then leave me wen u get the chance
or are you here to hurt me and watch me suffer like i do anyways
if i dnt call you tonite will you call me
or will you go out with you friends and leave me here to rot
is tht what its gonna b like wen you leave me for good
your gonna leave and never come back
sometimes i look cold just so you'll hold me
your kiss is on my list of things i can't resist
I'm a hazard to your health
So take caution
i get another you in a minute
how could u b so close
but nowhere near
u say u want it but u dnt
u cnt see me all u c is the beauty
so leave me now b4 it gets worse
cuz i cnt have this anymore

yha i have no idea do sumthing w/ it?? i dnt kno yhaaaaaa
i'm slipping on the tears you made me cry
so tonite im not gonna think about the consiquences
the what ifs or maybs
cuz baby tonite im all urs