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When we were young, we used to say that
you only hear the music when your heart begins to break.

Being nice to people you
 d o n ' t like isn't called being 'two faced' .
Its called 
growing up.
Not my format/quote.

I think you need a trip to Oz.
See if the 
 w i z a r d  can find



-pretty little liars




Is laying in bed with the door locked.
The curtains are drawn and the lights off.
The Notebook is in the DVD player.
An empty tub of ice cream is on the floor
Next to dozens of crumpled tissues.
Shes got her music blasting,
So no one can hear her sobs.
Her fingertips are smudged with black
From wiping away mascara stained tears.
Shes replaying their last conversation
thinking I'll never get him back.


Is sitting on the edge of his bed with the door locked.
The curtains are drawn and the lights off.
Call of Duty in his xBox.
The controller is laying on the floor,
Right beneath the spot where he nearly
Punched the wall in his own frustration.
He's got the music blasting so loud
So nobody can hear his cries.
His hair's a mess from running his fingers through it.
And he's replaying their last conversation
thinking she'll never take me back.


When you left, I fought with everything I had to keep you
When I realized you were gone, I killed myself, holding on to the memories, and the feelings that I still had, just incase you came back. But now, I want to forget you, forget us and I cant.  It's like I've been trying so hard to keep you that It's automatic anymore. I don't  even want you, but nothing that i do can make me let go. I still think about you when  that song comes on, or when i'm sitting by a fire. I still hold my breath when my phone  goes - hoping that its you. Instead of asking myself how to get you back, i'm asking  how to let you go. This hold you have on me is ridiculous.. I don't love you anymore, but I still think about us day in and day out. I guess i just have to accept that you will always be there, in the back of my mind or somewhere in my heart. I'm kidding myself thinking that I could ever truly let go

*long but worth the read*

When you said forever,
you meant a few months. When I said forever,
I meant everyday until I died. When you said always,
you meant until you couldn't handle it anymore.  When
I said always, I meant until time ended. When you said
you loved me, you meant I was no different from any other
girl. When I said I loved you, I meant I had never felt what I
felt for you

The way our hands fit together,
 r e a l l y   i s   j u s t   t o o   p e r f e c t .


I don't care that i wasn't your FIRST kiss, as long as im your LAST kiss[:

&& i fell for you the moment you said...
                               Love isn't perfect. it isn't a fairytale.
                           or a storybook.& it doesn't always
                                       come easy. Love is overcoming
                        obstacles,facing challenges, fighting
                               to be together, holding on and never letting
                            go. it is a short word, easy to spell,     
                               difficult to define,& impossible to live 
                                       without. love is work, but most of all,
                      love is realizing that every hour, every
                           minute,& every second was worth it
                                       because you did it together.