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Quotes by yoox3

Hold my hand &&
never let go
Me: I have a headahe
Him: Want me to kiss it & make it better?
Me: Thatd be wonderfu. ;], Oh did i mention my lips hurt too?
What I know: If that i have fallen completely head over heels for you,

How to tell you , Completely Clueless

She thinks shes suppose to be looking for something,
Shes not sure what shes suppose to be looking for;
but shes looking hard,
& when she found it she lost it, [[thought it was gone forever]]
she proved herself wrong; it was right there in front of her,
Its this little ((BIG)) thing called
She's lost,
Everything & Everyone in her world is changing,
& she cant go back
Phobie in Wonderland...

phobie: "Trick or treat"
Lady: here you go *gives rasins*
Phobie : rasins bite! , your fat!
phobies little sister: she didnt mean-
*lady slams door*

this was a good movie :D
 Your lips look lonely;
Would they like to meet mine?
Alicia Marie <3
I'm lost in a world of confusion
Theres no where to hide;
No disguises allowed,
Im just a girl who cant decide