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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
Hi im sam and im the type of girl who lets everyone think shes okay when really it feels like my world is slowly crashing down.But anyways im 14, play soccer, have an amazing boyfriend, i have a few best friends or at least thats what they call themselves. I love to hang with people, play soccer, listen to music, sing, and just do whatever...uhm hmm uhm my boyfriend and i have been together for 8 months and im fully convinced im in love with him, he is the best(: i couldnt ask for anyone friends well they act like best friends, i guess, they never really listen to me its kinda like im there just to say oh and shes my friend blah blah blah soo honestly i feel kinda lonely, i live in a small small town and can't wait until after high school to leave this place. just like most small town girls i have big dreams and to achieve them i need a big place. This is my second witty, but shh dont tell anyone(; ill help anyone who has any promblem to the best of my ability, but it seems no one will do the same in return, but my family is always there for me or at least try to be...but okaaayyy if any of you took the time to read this love you guys, follow me i always follow back! if you need anything comment me and ill be happy to help

Quotes by youaretheonlyonewhoknows


That moment right before you cry when,
you can feel all of your emotions flush through your body....


if you really cared

like you say you do,

[you wouldn't act like a jerk infront of your friends]



My Boyfriend . . .
surprised me with roses, for no reason. 

I  feel like I 'm not good enough for you anymore.

Yesterday his friends asked us to hang
But he told them we couldnt come and then turned to me and said
"i just want to be with my baby tonight"


Him and my mom got in an argument....

because he thinks he's going to marry me


HE already has our wedding and house planned out.....

how cute is that??<3

Confession Nine:

I think I have an eating disorder.


It happened,

nothing can change that,
no matter how hard i try,
it got to the point where i couldn't say no,
it shouldnt of happened but it did,
we didnt know, we are only kids,
things went to far, it won't happen again,
because the end result would be hard to explain . . .



Confession Eight:

I hate to cry infront of people