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Quotes by youcancallmecassie

Dear, I told you what everyone else was thinking
was it a bad idea?

You quit texting me and I try to make it better
you wont give me the chance now.

= /

There was always something that amazed me about you, but now I dont feel it. I dont know if thats a bad thing... or a good thing. Put on the show you do when your with your new girlfriend and ill quickly figure it out but I just hope that in the future ill possibly feel this again..

Oh boy,

It's kind of difficult to do, but i'm trying my best to get over you.

Oh boy,

I just cant do it... do something to make me not want to be your's again.

One thing wonderful about IPods...

It's A Mobile Get-Away.

I hate sleepless nights but I've been having them a lot here lately. = /

Am i the only one that wonders where you're actually typing if it doesnt show up where you thought you were typing?!
I think Witty needs more catagories because I always have to file all mine under advice since I dont know where else to put them since there isnt the right catagory. LIke, take this one for example. But oh well because its just filling up their advice catagory, ha.
I love when you start watching a movie and your favorite part comes on. ( :
Today is one of those days thats seems to drag on forever when you just wish it would end. Then you go to bed wishing that tomorrow will go better and faster.

Whats wrong with me?
You really want to know whats wrong with me?!

Well, lets make it simple... I cant stand this place or these people...
most importantly, you..and her.