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Hey guys, 
 I'm Amy and i'm 15 years old.

I came across witty accidently and thought it would be a great idea to join and get what i have to say out there.


I believe that every person has their prince charming out there in the world somewhere, some of them unfortunately just got lost on the way to find you!

Every single girl is beautiful on the inside and out, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! 

I plan on living life to the absolute full as I know only too well that life is short and that you should live like everyday is your last.

I'm here for all you witty girls if anyone ever needs advice on anything at all or just wants a chat :)

Quotes by youngandinlove

When you look in the mirror, you know who you are
I hate when you miss someone
and they don't even seem to
Sorry guys, just need to vent.. so i've been dating this guy for 5 months now and i 'did it' with him for the first time ever. The day after it happened he started ignoring him it it went from talking to him every second of the day, to not at all. 3 days went by without us speaking and me left wondering what i'd done wrong. Then all over facebook were pics of him and his ex together and he messaged me safter i confronted him aying "sorry if i hurt you but we wernt going anywhere anways"

I really hope im not over reacting about the situation. If you've read this, i love you <3

Admit it.
You forgive him simply because you still want him in your life.

Don't bother reserving a space in your heart
for someone who doesnt make the effort to stay.

It's not who
 I can imagine myself with.

It's who I can't imagine myself without.

We forgive people

Come take my hand,
 I want the world to see what you mean to me.

Hey i just met you,

and this is crazy,

but here's my facebook