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      i made top quotes a couple times noow :)


Quotes by youredream_13


& i f y o u t h o u g h t i w o u l d
l e a v e
than you were wrong cause i wont
..:: s t o p ::..

&& baby i'll take your r a r a r a r
breath away<33
i have also slept with
Tiger Woods.

I'm not in love
and i'm not out of love
maybe now i'm feeling alright

without haveing you in my life 
  and maybi'm fine with just
being friends ♥

imxnotxyoursxand yourxnotxmine
but we can sit together and pass the time ♥
credit for the format running_from_reality          

she didn’t realize she chased the type of guys
that dont believe in ties

just a young girl looking for love*

 you have your
 drugs , alcohol & friends to make you feel better
 i have my razor blade **
 we all have our own ways of dealing with life

                               do you even know how much it hurt
                               that you gave up on me to be with her 

               revenge is sweeter than you ever were
                                                     nothing can save you now that it's over
                                                                  don't say you're sorry now 'cause I just don't care