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Quotes by yourmybestfriend

Do you know what it's like to be me?
go through something not everyone can see?

Do you know what it's like
to walk in my shoes?
Please stop judging me

Because I'm not you...


to the one person who knows me inside out, unside down and back to front. Yes, it's you, my bestfriend. you know who you are, thanks for everything.



As my eyes begin to tear 
Look who I've become

Someone that I fear
I feel like such a failure

Tears stream down my face
I'm slowly disappearing
I'll be gone without a trace
I wish for help all the time

But what am I to do?
I'm the one who made this choice
And it's this I've put myself through


I'm dying 
All these laws I must obey
Although impossible to follow
I'm hopelessly addicted
Oh no here we go again
To never never land
I'm falling behind
Hidden behind walls
Gotta move faster
Gotta break free
Stuck in neutral - lingering
Between heaven and hell
Everything's a blur
Focus on the mirror
Self image being destroyed
Lost in my own little world
And slipping by unnoticed
I am not alive
I am not alive
As if chanting it will make it so


I see a girl who hopes to be thin. She strives to win when there isn't a prize. She thinks no one sees the lies. She just has to be really really thin, convinced she will reach her goal. Until it is just her soal that remains. She knows she can die. She believes she will in a matter of time. I see a girl who will die to be thin, whenever I look in the mirror.


Mirror mirror on the wall
Am I short or am I tall
I'm not sure anymore
What is really me
Am I fat or am I thin
Can you see the pain within
Is my mask still on all right
I can't see accurately
Am I ugly or am I fine
Is this reflection really mine
Every time I look
A different person I see
So mirror mirror please do tell
Or am I weak am I worn
What is truly me


  I'm losing myself,

Tryng to compete with

everyone else.


Things will get worse before they get better. . . but when they do,

remember who put you down, & who helped you up.


My bestfriend taught me this.

Taylor Swift's song;

Tied Tofether With a Smile

is about a girl with an

eating disorder.



if i fall asleep texting you,
 it's because i didn't want to say goodbye.