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hey... i'm your average teenage girl. which basically means my world goes round cuz of my family and besties. My parents are way to over pretective but i guess thats there job. I have five friends that i can say i truely TRUST.  i'm pretty lucky usually most people can't even find one. i LOVE playing volleyball, going skiing and Taylor Swift.  my new year revoltation is to not sweat the small stuff and to just go with my gut and HEART...hopefully this will get me somewhere. comment me:]

Quotes by yournumber1

You broke me.
You thought i wasn't trust worthily? Look at yourself in the mirror, you think that person is perfect? You think your "real"? But in reality your just like the rest, your exactly the person you promised you would never be. So next time you go pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean first. 

&& even love
as a rerun once in awhile

explaining our love is
like explaining
to a blind man...
be with someone who knows what
they have when they have
you <3
&& just think
how boring life would be without those stupid boys
 we waste way to much time thinking about
i'm the kinda girl
who makes a new years revolution
and the one who already broke it :]

"Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend." 
                                          - Sarah Dessen
i thought i knew what love was, but then i met this guy. he made me laugh, like you did, made me smile, like you did, and makes me cry.. like you did. but the difference is, i laugh at his jokes; not how pathetic he is. i smile cause im happy; not cause im trying to hide the pain.. and best of all i cry because im soo happy to have him; not cause he hurts me all the time.. LIKE YOU DID.
&& i'm just a stupid girl with her hopes to high
on a boy who will never care as much as i