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heyy heyy heyy. my name is katie. nd you rock !! i love youu.

Quotes by yourockx33


oh no! way to low.
((person`s name))`s gotta let it go
the other day this guy in my class shouts out:

i am my own grandpa. i am my own grandpa.
i married my lover. who was my father`s mother.
i am my own grandpa

haha. yes random. i knoww
it breaks my heart when i hear
people say " i L0VE YOU " </3'
can`t find your knife?
why don`t you check
my back ? </3
ii`m guessiing you don`t know
how much ii love youu. <33
sometimes.. i almost start to cry
when i stare at the. "i love her."
iin your profile </3
what happens when you find your
p r i n c e * c h a r m i n g
but he`s not your |[ cinderella ]| ?'
one of the best feelings ever
is watching a stranger become*
your best friend. but the worst`'
feeling is watching your best;
// friend become a \\
c o m p l e t e s t r a n g e r </3

put the: ; nd the // \\ in bold
hate it orr love it. the underdog`s on top. *
and i`m gon`shine homie until my <3 stops

[ [ g o a h e a d ] ] envyy mee. i`m raps m`v`p `'
and i ain`t goin` no where. so you can get to know me

50 cent nd the game. hate it or love it.

love ya lotss. <33.
remember when i love you .
a c t u a l l y m e a n t i t ?</3

i put all my quotes in arial 8. nd i try to line them up.