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I love you.



Where will be our 1st date

What happenend to my mate.
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Popular Girl I am so pretty
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Guy Yeah right! Your mum is more prettier than you!
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It is 4 AM! Do you want to go sleep

The quote underneath me is telling the truth

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You are all Beautiful

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10 Faves- I'm pretty
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20+ - I'm breathtaking 

(By the way, I'm only posting this to show I'm not scared)
I know ill probably get none:L♥
Repost if you arent scared to see what you get ;]

READ THIS PLEASE!!!I just get annoyed about how many quotes are made about them! Are they that important! ppl r dying in Africa and you only care about 1D! People are fighting for your country and what are they doing! They are only doing concerts! They may of changed ppl's life but only newly-born babies are dying and all of you guys care about 1 boy band! Sorry I had to be a little rough But thats how I feel! I love music and other stuff but I care about the the poor and the people in Africa! I always get tears of pain to hear about how most of the kids dont survive! We are lucky to live in a place which has a lot of food and stuff. We have tech stuff and what to they have? All they have is a small portion of food and dirty water! If you could be so kind a donate some money to the poor and the people in Africa you would make a few more people survive! Thank you if you read all of this

* Girl texting her Crush*
G stands for girl and B stands for Boy

G: Lets go on a date!
B: OK! I will come to your house on the 30th Feb
G: OK! * gives Address*
B: Thanks bye!
G: Bye!

* At night time*
B: Haha What A loser!
G: Can't wait!

It was the 29th of Feb and The girl couldn't wait!
It was the 1st  Of May and the girl couldn't wait! She never checked the calender!

She put make up on and put on her fav dress

She waited forever and ever!

Then she just went to bed.

When It was school she asked the boy something! 

G: Why didn't you come?
B: Because There isn't no 30th Feb! I remember that!

The girl ran away crying.
Everyone looked at the boy in a angry way.

The boy gave her flowers and a sorry card and gave her a present  and a box of chocolates

The girl  hugged him and now they live together and havea beautiful kid called  Anna

The girl was called Rose

And the boy was called Liam


This is gunna get personal! You ready to get deep

Your relationship with the last person texted

Could you cry right now

Last time you did and why
I can't remember but It was because I hurt myself

have you ever told someone that your ok but your not

Last time you stayed up and why
0:00 because me wanna sleep

Last time you cried infront of someone

Last person who made you upset

Today,at 9 AM
Awake and on the computer

Are you ticklish
Yah yah yah

would you ever want a tattoo?where?

Would you introduce the last person you kissed to your parents
How would I show my mum to my mum and dad ( I kissed my mum because I was going to school)

Last time you rode in a  car with someone
Family =D

Do you like rock music

Do you like late night phone convo's?
No! I wanna sleeeeeeeep!

Will saturday be a good one?
Yeah! I will be on witty!!!

Are you the forgiving one
Kind of

Last song you just listented to?
Usher Ft. Pitbull - DJ got us falling in love again...

Plans after high school?
Haven't planned yet but I should!

Someone say's something rude to you,Do you call them out or brush it off
Call them out

Would you tattoo someone's name

Your phone's wallpaper
Don't have a phone =(

Do you still pinky swear
Maybe...maybe not =D

Type your name: Nadia
Type your name with your eyes closed:Nadia
Type your name with your elbows: naqdia
Type your name with your nose:nqadia

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