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heey its Alana.
witty explains my whole life, like the quotes on here are just amazing,
every person who has a witty is amazing,
thankyouuu all for everything. <3

xoxo, Alana<3

Quotes by yupthatsmylife808

Finally getting over the guy who caused you the post pain & honestly being able to say that you don't care about him or what he does anymore is the best feeling in the whole world.
I used to feel so alone in everything i went through until i found Witty. I really used to think that I was one of the only people going through what I was, I mean I knew that there were more people going through it or even worse things, but I realized that most teenagers go through the same exact things that I do. We have the same emotions & feelings & things that happen to them are things I thought I could never explain that happen to me. I wanna thank everyone on Witty because you made me realize so much & made me realize that I'm never alone. I love you all with all my heart. Thank you so much.<3

Can someone tell me how to add a song to my profile, its not working or i'm not doing it right. please? <3
A boy was dying of cancer and needed an exspensive brain surgery, but his family, broke and desperate couldn't aford it.

His 8 year old sister Tess took her piggy bank savings to a pharmacy in order to buy a 'miracle'. It just so happens that the right man witnessed the little girls tears at the pharmacy counter: a nuerosurgeon. He performed the surgery for free.

nmq givesmehope.com
Magic Mike = Best Movie I have ever seen, ever. 
Kellin Quinn<3

-i wanna say a BIG thankyouu to my brother for showing me Sleeping with Sirens before anybody ever knew about them<3
I wanna take a minute to thank Steve for creating this website.
Steve you gave us all a place where we could just express ourselves and make ourselves as well as other people feel better. That's the greatest gift you could ever give. 
Thank You so much Steve. We all love you. <3
You play me,
im gonna play you right back, kid.
I don't just miss you,
I need you.
When i look in the mirror all I see are,
       eyes that have cried all night long and,
                lips that have sung so many sad songs