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                  Confession #1                  
No one understands my humor. Everytime I make a joke, they think I'm serious.


Its not garbage,
Its art.


Not wanting to end the conversation
b  u  t    b  e  i  n  g   s  o   t  i  r  e  d
that your comprehension is shot

Your not a hero
Your a liar
Your not a savior
Your a vampire


-All Time Low- Heroes

Hey Witty
I'm trying to make a playlist but  can't think of any songs for it... I have basically given up on caring what people think of me and I was the shy, quiet girl in the corner... I'm not  that any more and I'm trying to make a playlist for the "new me"... I know its not pretty and kind of long... but any recommendations?
Thanks :)




This school year...


I'm going to be completely and totally myself...


...And shock everyone

They're jealous because they know your better.
I'm not showing off
I'm trying to get better
Talking with a girl
who your
supposed to be
friends with
and thinking she should of been slapped years ago...

(theres this girl in my grade and when shes talking to you she can be really nice but sometimes she talks about me behind my back...)