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Hi, my names Zachery (: I'm 17 & love to make girls smile. I am inlove with music & i love to write songs. If you wanna know anything else just assk ! I love meeting new people (: if you are ever feeling down, comment on my page . I'll be sure to cheer you up!! <3 

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I'll start posting new music in a couple of days (: 


 ♥ ♥                 Dear Girl's, 

Boys need to vent too sometimes,
                and  it isn't always their faut that a relationsjip ended. 

format ThatsSoMeee ♥♥

I thought it was true love.
You knew it would only last a couple months.

I thought I could trust you. 
You knew you were a good lier.

When I kissed you it was like the world stopped.
When you kissed me, you were wondering what other boys kissed like.

I gave my Heart to you.
You gave me part of your's. 

I loved you. 
You liked me.


Some boy's take a beautiful gitl. 
Oh, and they hide her away from the rest of the world. 


I asked her out! 

On 11/11/11 at 11:11 am. 

She said yes!

But then asked me: "why in the morning?" 

Me:"So I could see you tonight and have my 11:11pm wish come true..."

Her: "which is..?" 

Me: " That our first kiss would be at 11:11.." 


 What guys like # 4

When girls trust us....
If a girl started to crying, 
we would hug her, ask her whats wrong.
And when she starts to vent and let it all out. 
We look into her eyes and tell her everything will be okay.
Believe me, us guys like to know the back story to 
girls sad statuses. 

If I could be your Superman ,

I'd fly into the stars back again.

Cause every time you touch my hand,
You feel my powers running through your veins.

But I can only write this song,
and tell you that I'm not that strong.

Cause I'm no superman.
I hope you like me as I Am. 


I will not be the same.

 Without you,  
Song two..
  "beautiful you."
" I ' m in love with the girl of my dreams. When I look at you my heart just screams. The way we walk hand in hand. And the way your smile caught me at first glance."

^ chorus..:P
hope you like it,