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Fuck love. </3.

k so, hi, im carissa.                                     
                        Steph&Sabrina / Single / family & 2 dogs / pictures / sports / music / cell / eyeliner / <3

Quotes by zachysgrls911

M U S I C.
is her passion. it's her life.
it's what keeps her sane.
it's her only


She stares outside,
and the history of her life flashes before her eyes.
tears start to form...

& she is all alone.


You're     As     Perfect     As     Could     Be,

so what are you doing fooling around with a girl like me?


So it goes a bit like this...
you walk by with your friends & laugh like you don't care.
but you & i both know, deep down inside, you care every little bit.

It kills you. it hurts you. & me and you walk by,
knowing the fact that...
we just want to run,
into each others arms. ♥

Get up get out,
that's what I said.

You drive me crazy,
I can't believe that's what you did.

Don't call me baby,
I know you're wrong.

You knew all along,
that I'd find out.

You're the perfect mistake,
I'm hoping I'll make right now.


&It feels like any other day. I sit you down & here goes
but you're not going to like what I say. ♥



Wake me up.
I've been dreaming.


I  know it's hard for you hearing
the  t hings  you  do...

make  up  your  fucken  mind.

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