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Fuck love. </3.

k so, hi, im carissa.                                     
                        Steph&Sabrina / Single / family & 2 dogs / pictures / sports / music / cell / eyeliner / <3

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Love is blind but so is...


My once straight back,
now is just a crooked line.


I t doesn't matter how hard I try,
It seems all I do anymore is hurt the ones I love the most»


Things aren't what they used to be.
Do you know how it feels to be confused?

[Your mind blank, an empty blackness,]
To the point your head hurts to think?
So many thoughts and confusion.

So much on your mind you cant think.

you are comfortably confused.

not my format

You guys sit apart from each other.
No talking, smiling, or laughter.

[but with me we had that;; ]
Holding hands underneath the table.

Am I even in your mind?

Is that why you don't do those things with her?

Or am i just going crazy?

not my format

Go ahead and be mean to me.
[She will only leave you. ]
I don't want to hear you cry,
When you realize I would have always stayed.

I'm not your lullabie

not my format

I don't know what it is.
[I hate you. ]

I don't miss you.

so why am I crying right now?

not my format


People that...

anger you control you.



we're not the same.
I wish that could change,
but it can't.

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