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Fuck love. </3.

k so, hi, im carissa.                                     
                        Steph&Sabrina / Single / family & 2 dogs / pictures / sports / music / cell / eyeliner / <3

Quotes by zachysgrls911

Not many

people change, but some do. ♥

hohoh, i dare you to try and use this format without crediting or saying; this is not my format. i dare you.

You're a liar..
not my friend.

I love how I trusted you.
how i told you everything. & here I am now finding out i can't trust you.
so much for being bestfriends...

I guess i can't trust anyone.

It's the same old fight.
you slam the door so i start screaming back at you. but then I'm ignored thinking, what is the use? & it's true, it is too late for...

you're perfect in everyway.
you may not be the hot, tough, star football quarter back all the girls are drooling over. but what you are is sensitive/sweet/caring. you arent the jerk, the mr heartbreaker. you are the one who fixes a girl's already broken heart. you are my kinda guy. you may be scrawny and short, but your cute and funny. you may not be the strongest, but i know you'd die to save me. and i<3you for it. ♥

When you want something;;
you have to hold on to it & never let it go. »


Be careful who you open up to.
only a few care,
The rest are just curious.

not my format
& what if i told you right now, sitting by you;;
wanna kiss you?


She's strong enough...
to walk away, but broken enough to look back.
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