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Well Herro There.
My Name Is Hailee. I Live In A Small Town, That Has Nothing To Do In It At All. I'm About to turn 14 I Love One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Ed Sherran, Olly Murrs And Little Mix. I Play Basket Ball And VolleyBall. And I'm Also In Cheerleading. I love Witty (obi, who does'nt). The Only Thing I Drink Is Grape Soda And Diet Coke. I Do Enjoy Taking Pictures And Reading. I'm Scared Of Cats, But I Still Love Them. I'm In Love With Curtis Froude:) Anybody Who Makes Fun Of Disabled People Will Get An Earful From Me. 
Okay, So I Think Thats It For Now,
Bye, Stay Strong Beautiful :)  
more about me!!!
well i have two boxes to fill so i am just gonna put more stuff down here ^_^
well some stuff i like are :
- music
- sleep
- did i say food?
- and Teri!!
 Things i hate are
- no food in the house
- having to get a bath( shower girl)
- getting dressed

Quotes by zebrastrips2

Prayers going out to my friend Sam. Hes in the hosptial and hes not waking up. Get better and wake up, please.
Me: Was I Like This when i was her age?
Uncle Micheal: I Think so.
Me:*whispers* your going to be a internet addict who wants to have your hair all random colors. Yay we can compare Websites.
Okay, so last new year, was the worst one of them all. I barley had any friends. And the one guy I like was being a jerk. But now I'm so happy. I'm with family and friends. I know I'm not alone. And I know I can have a good time wih them <3
Okay. So my Mom broke her foot awhile ago. My cousion is 3 years old. Today i got my foot stuck under the track of a ski-doo and i have something done to my legiment. She said that my mom broke my foot. LOL
My cousion just said she had to fall down the stairs lol :)
Jimmy365 admitted to being a girl?
Get over it! Your All S o annoying. Do you know how many people who are on here that pretend to be guys? like honestly? just stop. I don't know why your all hating on her? it was just an experiment. It's not like she was hitting on anyone, I know from personal experience, that she did not. I used to talk to her. You all judge way to hard. Please just give her a break? please?

Okay, So I NEED some good songs for tonight, any ideas?


Miranda: Josh you go home and close your blinds and rock out to one direction on bust.
Josh: TOTALLY(jokingly)
Mr.Hayley (science teacher):Me too, Omg lets start a club. OMG,OMG,OMG!



Okay, So You All You Immature People Out There Think Its Funny To Make Fun Of Disabled People? Well Newsflash, Its Not. You People Need To Grow. I'm Pretty Sure You Overly Sexist Guys Didn't Loose Your Dang Purse. 
ILoveYouChristopher <3
ThisIsForYou <3