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I feel the madness creeping slowly. Loved by many, I'm still lonely.

My name is Kylie. Music is legit my life. Don't know where i would be without it. I love Falling in Reverse, Escapte the Fate, Black Veil Brides, Kesha, Eminem Lil Wayne, Bullet For My Valentine, Taylor Swift, All Time Low and so much more. 
I'm also a book nerd ;D 
sexy right?
if you wanna know more, just ask. I have a facebook and a phone & I'm here for you<3

NOELLE ASKING ALEXANDRIA CHAPMAN Foeverfascinatedxx, HACKING ;D LOL hey there sexy pants ;D did you get those pants on sale bc they're 69% off at my house ;D jk.Okay, this girl is fucking amazing, and gorgeouser than all your gorgeous nightmares ;D ahah she's a dork... -___- she can't help it, she was born that way,  its a rare disease that only Kylie has and it can't be cured, LOL JK I LOVE YOU.so yeah, dont forget THERES AN FU IN FUNNY XD  Just thought you should know. My eyeballs are tired. You should fix them :c IHAVE A TICKLE IN MY THROAT D: So yeah...I wanna meet andy one day and one day, we're gunna be opening up for Black Veil Brides;) And they'll be like "LOL hi, love you guys. I bought your CD." And we'll be like all chill...jk we'll faintXD ahha c; LOL bye<3 LOVE YOU SEXY PANTS;D ahha.


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~that right there is my life

sleeping with sirens

I don't know what you guys think but, 

witty has changed so much since i first was on it. It's full of drama & fakes, and it's

sickening to see what this website has become. I never go on witty anymore because of

how much it has changed. This isn't the real witty. I want the witty where no one was

judged, no one faked suicide or deathly illnesses, I just want the old witty back... 


//All that I know is gone//
~take what is left of me~

sleeping with sirens

My name is Hope &+ my whole life, I've been bullied.
But, unlike most girls, I put that smile on and tell nobody.
Tonight at midnight, and for the rest of this week, I will not be on facebook, my witty facebook or, my witty account.
No oovoo nor skype dates, and I will be talking to family members only.
I will be silent at school. This is my descison, my project, and I'm calling it "Rebut Against Society"..
Bullying has hurt my life and it's time I make people realize. This is not for attention, but for change,
We can watch every single person commit suicide because of a bully and have it pushed away.
"They were depressed," "It was over their boyfriend and or girlfriend". And it's forgotten.
When you're silent for more then just a few days, it can mean some things, but mainly two: family or bullying.
By being silent for this whole week, I will be fighting society with no words, nor violence.
Rebut Against Society is my idea and mine alone but you can participate if you're being bullied.
Help make a difference, 
also you can post stickit notes with words of wisdom,
bulying quotes, and smiles, for someone to need a change..

You cann to.
"Rebut against society"
Help make a difference
Sign your name to show you'll do everything you can too help this. 
We can really change society.


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"Drop everything 
now, meet me
in the pouring rain.
Kiss me on the
take away the pain." 
- Taylor Swift♥ 


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And through all that,
We still ended with a final


& How did it feel when you held the knife, 
 ------------that you stuck right in my back 
 >>>>>>>>>>>>>{a thousand times}

Falling in Reverse<3

& I  just want to be able  to have, 
a comfortable silence, 
with you. 


I listen to her heart beat because
{it plays my favorite song.}


-Lil Wayne
j a y c i e c u t i e 0 1 ' s     f o r m a t

Okay girls,
if you're heart broken, sitting in your room crying wont get you anywhere. i've been there and done that. it doesnt help. what you need to do is get up, go to school in your best cloths even though you want nothing more than to wear your hair up and baggy sweats. you have to prove to everyone that you ARE strong. that he CAN'T break you. even if it feels like your heart is breaking little by little every second, with every breath you take, its not. there is someone better for you out there. you wont think that now, but you will soon. it may take weeks, months or even years. 
but you can and will find the guy that loves you as much as you love him.

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