Quotes added on Tuesday, January 20 2004

I LoVe yOu mOrE tHaN wOrDs cAn sHoW...I tHiNk aBoUt yOu mOrE tHaN yOu wiLL eVeR kNoW...NoW--->uNtiL<---FoReVeR tHiS wiLL bE TrUe...BeCaUsE, tHeRe'S nO oNe I LoVe mOrE tHaN yOu...
You are my *EvErYtHiNg* Nothing your *LoVe* won't bring. My life is yours alone...The only *LoVe* i've ever known... Your spirit pulls me through...when nothing else will do...Every night I pray on bended knee that you will always be my [(E. v. e. r. y. t. h. i. n. g)]
When I see you,
my heart begins to race.
All my worries and my sorrows,
just seem to fade away.

You always make me laugh,
in each and every way.
You just came into my life,
and there was nothing I could say.

This feeling overwhelms me,
whenever I see your face.
I take one look into your eyes,
and it leaves me in a daze.

Some people think I'm crazy,
others call it love,
but to me you were sent,
straight from up above.

I know I've never felt this way,
and I know I never will again.
You're the one I want to be with,
until the very end.

You're all I ever think about,
morning, day, and night.
To you I give my heart away,
So keep it, hold on tight.

-Kristen Keltner-
My eyes got tired from looking at the computer monitor so they are resting looking at the TV. When they get tierd of looking at the TV, I will return.

Found it on awaymessages.com --so im not taking credit
''Friends help friends..make their dreams come true''
-cheetah girls
''Don't fear death..rather the unlived life''
-Tuck Everlasting
My MoM SeD I wUz NiCe n DaNdY, Then I mAde MaCrOnNi And StUcK a FeaThEr In My EtNiE Hat AnD CaLLeD It "eTnIe-OnI"!
YoU aLwAy StOp tO StArE...........wHy Not JuSs tAkE a PiCtUrE??
<<<<StRuTiN OuR StUff ShAkIn OuR BoOtYiEz Me n My GiRlZ ArE sTrAigHt Up CuTiEz--->
...Ya i fell for you...
...You triped me...
...But geuss what...
...I got back up!!...
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