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*.:ThE LoOk In Ur EyEs LeTs mE kNoW EvErYtHiNg'S oKay..aNd tHaT's HoW yOu kEeP mE LiViNg tHrOuGh OnE mOrE dAy:.*
ºSoMeTiMeS i LiE aWaKe LoOKiN aT tHe SkY
sEeiN tHe StArS aS bRiGhT aS yOuR eYeS
wAiTiN iMpAtiEnTLy tO hEaR yOuR vOiCe
iF iT wAs Up tO Me ThErE wOuLd Be No ChOiCe
LyiN bESiDe yOu iS wHeRe i WoULd Be
JuSt tO bE iN yOuR aRmS iS aLL i NeEdº
*·:x:·* iT's OnLy yOu tHaT bRiNgS a SmiLe tO mY fAcE*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* iT's OnLy yOu ThAt i LoVe To EmBrAcE*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* iT's OnLy yOu ThAt i ThiNk oF aNd miSs*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* iT's OnLy yOu ThAt i WaNnA kiSs*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* iT's OnLy WiTh yOu i WaNnA bE*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* iT's OnLy [(y. O. u.)] i SeE wiTh mE...*·:x:·*
your heart can be broken by any guy
but the one you love won't make you cry
"lOve is like the wind, you can't see it, but you feel it"

-A Walk to Remember-
"Tell me who should I be to make you love me
tell me what does it mean to be alone
Can't you see me standing staring out
from a distance hear my cry if you'd only listen
out of focus into me and you"

Fefe Dobson- Kiss Me Fool
"Stripped of all makeup
no need for fancy clothes
no covers up, push ups
with him, I don't have to put on a show
he loves every freckle, every curve
every inch of my skin
fulfilling me entirely
taking all of me in
he's real
he's honest
he's loving me for me

Christina Aguilera
my best friend is my puppy
so please don't laugh
i can tell her my feelings
and it will never get out
i can hide in her fur so soft and sweet
i will never forget her my best friend
I'm sorry did my back hurt your knife?
☼*☼ I used to count my valentines And tally up thex*§
xx( `v` ) xxx §core then wait to §ee if anyone would §end
x x `v` xxxme anymo I u§ed to count my valentine§,
But now that Ive met you, Ive lost my need for
counting 1 valentine will do.
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