Quotes added on Thursday, January 29 2004

~ThErE's A GiRL iN My MiRRoR CrYiN 2NiTe AnD ThErE'S NuThiN' I CaN Do To MaKe HeR FeEL ALriTe~
-I didn't want to admit it...
it was easier to lie
And hide the hurt and emptiness
to smile instead of cry...
but i'm tired of pretending
that everything's okay
my tears are startin 2 show
my smile's fadin away...
*iT fEeLs KinDa wEiRd-
-tO waLk bY (anD nOt SpEaK To)*
*ThE OnE pErsOn-
-wHo madE u SmiLe, LaUgH, anD CrY*
*aLl n ThE SamE sEcOnD-
i WaNtEd 2 KiLl ThE sWeEtEsT aNd HoTtEsT pErSoN aLiVe... BuT tHeN i rEaLiZeD... i'D bE sInGlE!!
tHeRe*s n0 ReAs0n 4 u t0 tReAt Me ThE [wAy] y0u d0 ..iGn0rE.. mE aS iF iM sOmEbOdY u -KiNdA- kNeW
AnD i WiLl LoVe YoU
TiLL f o r e v e r
UnTiL DeAtH Do Us PaRt
- We'LL bE t o g e t h e r -
So TaKe My HaNd
* aNd*
- H o l d o n t i g h t -
AnD We'LL gEt ThErE
T h i s I s w e a r
A gUrL iS aLwAyZ sTrOnG
...BuT iT aLwAyZ hELpZ wHeN sHe GoT...
. HeR bOyZ bEhiNd HeR .
I HavE MiStLeToE oN My UnDeRwEaR
WoULd yoU MiNd KiSSiNg mY aZZ?
i WaNt a GuY wHoS sWeEt
OnE wHo WouLd wAkE mE uP iN dA mIDdLe Of THe NigHt
JuS tO fiNd OuT wUt i WaS dReAMiN aBoUT... [gOt OnE iN mInD!]
tAlKiNg Or NoT...
lOvInG oR hAtInG...
mE n My FrIeNdS r NeVeR
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