Quotes added on Friday, January 30 2004

*.¸.·´¨`»¤«When Your Not able to sleep.`»¤«´¨`·.¸.*
*..·´¨`·:*:· Its me ·:*:·´¨`·..*
*.¸.·´¨`»¤«When your 0ut with your friends, and your not having fun.`»¤«´¨`·.¸.*
*..·´¨`·:*:· Its me ·:*:·´¨`·..*
*.¸.·´¨`»¤«When your with y0ur new girl and its really n0t working 0ut.`»¤«´¨`·.¸.*
*..·´¨`·:*:· Its Me ·:*:·´¨`·..*
*.¸.·´¨`»¤« And when y0ur thinking of the one you l0ve.`»¤«´¨`·.¸.*
*..·´¨`·:*:· Its Me ·:*:·´¨`·..*
SeXi lil Hunni
Cute as can be
n0t even Ja Rule
Can put it on me
Big Brown Eyes
and tha (color) hair too
got Fat Joe SaYin
I Want You
Tall N skInny
Luscious Lips
tanned skin
curvy hips
I leave a kiss on all guys
Leavin them thugs h.y.p.n.o.t.y.z.e.d
Do It Now Cuz Tomorrow Aint Promised A Day*Ludacris
i just wish people would realize how i truly feel..it feels like nothings real it always ends with curves and bends they hurt like crazy its like im locked in a cell like nobody cares what i have to bear so why dont i just take this knife and end my lif?!
something must be wrong with me with all this hurt and anger inside and berly any pride something must be wrong with me if all i do is cry myself to sleep i mean i cant stop this pain all i want to do is die. all this confusion makes me feel like a lost child i mean something must be wrong with me with all these terrible thing always there and never gone depression is what i brings i cant stop these thoughts all this pain does is turn my stomach in knotes well i think there is only one way to end my pain my heart shout out
here you sit and smile at me and its you i watch but you dont event know what it is you do to me everytime i look talk and smell you my heart comtinues melting when ever you pass me by and you catch my eye i feel like i wanna cry cuz of what it is you do to me everytime you look at me i wounder what it is you see everytime i talk to you my knees go weak my stomach flutters my chest collapses my nech hairs tingle and i stop breathing
**its hard to except the fact that who u thought were ur best gurlz r using u so ur mom can drive them places sitting by the fone waiting to get invited some place its weird that juzz a couple days ago u were hugging them and giggling and now they hate ur guts**

does not happen to me i juzz felt like speaking out 4 other ppl

**the bus**

the windows creek
kids throwing up on the seats
kids smoking in the bac of the bus
gurlz gossip
boiiz bully
.......... mom can u drive me to skool pleaze?
u have this crush right?
he is ur best friend so u like always chill wit him
one day u get the nerves to say wat u feel
and he like turns around and says ............
meet ma new gurl friend!
u get a lump in ur throaght ur eyes start to sting
u open ur mouth trying to b nice but nothing comes out
he takes it the wrong way and stops talking to u and he gone
and that terrible thing called love ruined ur friendship
love hurts!!!!!
u wake up and ur cellie rings its ur best bud (namie)
u get all dressed up and run out
wen u c (namie) u cant talk to him
all of a sudden he changed from ma best friend that lives in the appatrment downstairs to ur biggest crush
ur start blushing and giggling alot and embaricing ur self
u get mood swings with him and getting mad at him for everything as if u were a couple love is a good thing untill it destroys ur friendship
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