Quotes added on Saturday, January 31 2004

Insanity ahead- Please fasten seatbelts
tHis soNg iS a pOem tO myseLf
iT helPs mE tO liVe
iN cAse oF fiRe ((b r e a k)) tHe glAss
aNd mOve oN iNto yoUr oWn.
((I'm through with guys
they all tell lies
they break your heart
and make you cry
loving guys is such a
look at the guy who
just walked in!))
i never wanted to give you away
well I still love u But I doNt need u
there`s got 2 be an easy way 2 say goodbye
-- × - without the [pain] aNd {tears} - × --
boy you waNna come to mY hotel
baBy i will leave you my room key
im feeling the way you carry yourself boy
+ i wanna get witchu cause you'z a cutie
so if you wanna come to my hotel
all you gottA do is hoLLa at me
cause we`re havinG an afterparty
checking out 6 in the morninG
remember the first day we stopped playiNg games
remember the first day you fell in love with me
it felt so good for you to say those words
cause I felt the same way toO <3

the way we held each others hand
the way we talked .. the way we laugHed
it felt so good to [ f a l l i n l o v e ] .. and
I knew right then + there you were the one
said i pr0mise to never f a l l i n l o v e
with a stranger.. you`re all im thinkiNg oF
I praise the Lord above 4 sendin me ur love
I chErish every hug --> I really love you <--
and if I had the chance to do it all again
i wouldn`t expeCt anything less <3
× Life ain`t always what it seemS to be
 Words can`t express what you mean 2 me ×
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