Quotes added on Sunday, February 1 2004

«ü had betta take some sleeping pills baby....cüz the only place üll get me is in ür dreamz!¡!»

c muh halo
bright 'n shiny
mess wit me
i'll kick ur hiney
Computers: A really hot one.....oops.....my fault.....that's my reflection!
God made men first
than he had a betta idea!!!!
friends r forever
guys r wat eva
wen worst comes to worst
muh girlies come first!!!!
L oose
O nce
V omit
E nemies
........ WhAtS sO gOoD aBoUt ThAt!!
¤ x0 Here's to being single 0x ¤
¤ x0 seeing double 0x ¤
¤ x0 and 0x ¤
¤ x0 sleeping triple 0x ¤

x0x. a D 0 r a B l 3 .x0x

:.x0x.: i misS y0u :.x0x.:
:.x0x.: d0n'T waTch wh3n I :.x0x.:
C *
R *
Y *

`·.¸.I love you ____~

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