Quotes added on Monday, February 2 2004

Ryan makes me feel like a volcano. Every time he walks into the room, a big smile erupts from inside.
Time's Bliss

Yes you could say we've had a chance
To carefully take somewhat of long lasting glance
Of what we're to plan for our future
For what time has exactly put up in store
After heavily studying our count down to re-unite
I've come to find the bliss of time making it fly by
Time has its ways of slowing when it is in grief
Then it turns, playing games. When in fun, it speeds
These past few weeks, a book I wrote in honor of our love
This book contains my thoughts my feelings in all of the above
Your time to come here counts down fast
To a perspective I've beaten time's game of the past
This book grows thicker each day we grow closer
When the day you arrive comes you'll see what I boast for
I found a way through us, to make time grow cold
To make it want to clench its fists watching us grow old
To continue my work with your arrival as the deadline
To finish my book with the memories of our lost time

BY: Kat Knutsen 2003
DOn't teach our children WHAT to think. Teach our children HOW to think.
What a person can do
and what a person cant do

-by- johnny depp
Captain Jack Sparrow
; Everyone `z gOnna H.U.R.T you
; sOoner .Or. later you just have *
; tO -- decide [whOz] *wOrth* gOing
--»thrOuqh«-- the p a i n
whats ur problem? You always gotta hate on me just cause i am younger then u. You gots problems. I dont understand why you are haten on me. Yea we had our fun days together but now that we broke up you have been all mean to me. whats up?
~ Dedicated ~
*Over and Over I try
And Over and Over you lie
And Over and Over I cry
I dOn't know why...*
Itz Really cool when 3 strangers become best friends * but itz really sad wen 3 best friendz become Strangers.
So many wrong turns,
so many mistakes,
nothing you can do,
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