Quotes added on Monday, February 2 2004

you know that place
between sleep and awake,
the place where you can still
remember dreaming?
that's where i'll always love you.
that's where i'll be waiting... *:·
The only way to find love is to stop looking..*
Guess you had other things in store
Guess I just felt I was through
I answered every question
As accurately as I could
I don't hear from you no more
But I get the message
~"Fatally Yours"~
You only disappoint the ones who don't believe
"If you could be anything in the world what would it be?"

-the perfect score
"There's nothing wrong with being a loser...It just depends how good you are at it." --Billie Joe Armstrong
-I dont miss you,
I miss who you used to be....
"Their burning the roads they built to lead us to light."
Sure, I Think Other Guys Are Cute, But Every time I See A Cute Guy I Remind Myself Of How Cute You Are ... Of How Much I Love You ... How Sweet You Are ... How You Always Brighten My Day ... And Suddenly That Guy Doesn't Look That Good Anymore*
i thought it was over between you and i the stars had burnt out and the river ran dry thought it was gonna be the end but now I'm afraid I'm falling for you all over again
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