Quotes added on Saturday, February 7 2004

My name is Misty I am but 3
My eyes are swollen i cannot see
When i wake up i'm all alone
The house is dark my folks aren't home
I must do right i can't do wrong
Or else I'm locked up all day long
I'm really just an expensive joke
No more no less than speed or coke
Be quiet now i hear the car
My dad is back from Charlie's bar
I hear him curse my name he calls
I squeeze myself against the wall
On my bed its too late
His face is twisted into hate
I feel the pain again and again
Oh dear got please let it end
My name is Misty i am but 3
Last night my father murdered me...

that is sooo sad!!! :(
*Being wit u makes me feel like 4 once
in my life i dont have 2 pretend 2 b happy*
look into my eyes and yOu will see
what you mean to me <3
search your heart - search your soul
+ wen u fiNd me there u`ll search no more
cause perfect doesnt feel so perfect
trying to fit a square into a circle
was ox // .n.o. .l.i.f.e. \\ xo
i wanna know if i can be could be your girl
the one who puts her arms around you
the one who lays her head beside you
the one who listens when you need it
when no one else sees, i can see it (your girl)
the one who knows when somethings wrong
the one who knows your favourite song (your girl)
the one who all your family loves
the one you place no one above
i can`t get mad at at you for
hurting me over + over again
b/c over + over again * i let you
In Every Girls Life Theres A Boy She'll Neva Forget N A Summer Where It All Began
º¨*:·.×*.:.SuMtImEs I FeEl LyK LifE aInT WoRtH LiVeN.:.
.:.iTs MeE aGaInSt ThE wOrLd N I DeFf AiNt WiNniN.:.*º¨*:·.×
"Fate only takes you so far, because once you get there, it's up to you to make things happen." -Can't Hardly Wait
iF theRe eveR c0meS a day whEn
we caNt be t 0 q e t h e R juSt
ReMeMbEr that y0u'Re in mah heaRt
a L w a y S `+ f 0 r e v e R
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