Quotes added on Wednesday, February 11 2004

*.* Shoot for the moon, and if you miss youll land in the *stars*.*
Today I Love U More Than Yesterday,
but Not as much as Tomorrow
*Not All Scars Show*
*Not All Wounds Heal*
*Sometimes You Can't Always See*
*The Pain Someone Feels*
I will Forever LOvE You
I will FoReVer CaRe
I will FoReVeR lIvE MY life Wishing YoU Were There
and as for long as I live I will neva WaLk AwAY
aS long as YoU Promise me one thing..
If YoU Come to Me.. YoU wiLl stAy
theres just no one
who gets me like you do
you are my only one
_ /\_¸.·¤**¤·.¸,.·¤**¤·. _ /\ _ 
\      /wish upon a star  \      / 
*~((~*ReAlItY Is OnLy An IlLuSiOn ThAt OcCuRs DuE To ThE LaCk Of AlCoHoL*~))~*
Hello. You have reached the Sixth Sense Detective Agency. We know who you are, where you are from, and what you want so there is no need to leave a message.
Boyz, secrets, and of course the lies
we were there for each other and each of our cries
the partiez the depressions and the what do i do's?
it was just us win or lose
alwayz togetha
you dont see one without the otha
when i first met you
i was as shy as could be and sheltered too
u changed that real quick
in a matter of a few ticks
pretty soon we were the class hoes
we didnt care what they thought it was just another so...
we had fun and didnt care what any1 thought
we have our own style who cares what every1 else bought
we went thru it all
groundations detentions and OD's
but always together as every1 can see
teachers hated us but we dont care
just keep on walkin n give them the finger in the air
we wont go thru our highschool yrs listening to every rule
if we do we wont make it thru this school
i love you girl until the end
you are without a doubt my bestfriend

you can copy just dont say its yours lol
Remember what you said
that nite we were lying in your bed
i told you you were to good for me
you said that it was bullshit n i was the only one you could see
i still didnt feel right about it but what was i to do?
so i smiled and said alright i believe you
i've known u for so long and we had the best
we knew we had it better then the rest
you would smile and i would just jump inside
i didnt kno what i would do if i lost you but u swore u never lied
but then one day it jsut didnt seem the same
somehow it seemed as if you had replaced me with a different name
you were the first one i had ever felt this for
you said you felt the same way and soo much more
we had so many times i will never forget
and even if u say u love her now...i kno u dont regret
she will never take my place
cuz half your heart is without a doubt still covered with my face
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