Quotes added on Thursday, February 12 2004

Sometimes I wonder if you ever cared or if you even thought about me when I wasn't there. Sometimes I wonder if I was ever in your heart...or was I being *uSed* right from the start...?!?!</3
If y o u have nothing to d i e for...then what do y o u have to l i v e for?? </3
Somebody pLeAsE tell my HeArT i'm better oFf without yOu...</3
No matter how hard I try, i'm not trying hard enough.
No matter how sorry I am, i'm not sorry enough.
No matter how pretty I am, i'm not pretty enough.
No matter how smart I am, i'm not smart enough.
No matter how nice I am, i'm not nice enough.
No matter what I do, it's ..NEVER.. enough for -[y o u]-
The t r u t h is you could s l i t my throat
And with o n e l a s t gasping breath
I'd appologize for b l e e d i n g on your shirt...
"Unprotected" by: Britney Spears

I wake up in the morning.
Put on my face.
The one that's gonna get me
Through another day.
Doesn't really matter.
How I feel inside.
Life is like a game sometimes.
Then you can around me.
The walls just disappeared.
Nothing to surround me.
Keep me from my fears.
~*I'm uNpRoTeCtEd*~
Whoever said it is better to have loved and lost,
then to have never loved at all,
must have never had their heart broken.
Hesitating my action and shaking with fear and anger I pick up the knife and make a deep line. Its stinging and my body feels numb. I watch in a daze as the blood drips to my floor, making a puddle of me. Lost in regrets and promises that were broken I begin to cry silent tears. Cold and dizzy I make a mark on my wrist again. This time much deeper. I loose more blood and watch it drip. My skin is pale and lifeless. My vision is not clear but I see flashes of my life. Even visions that I can't remember even happend to me. I have lost feeling in my right hand from the blood I have lost. I pick up the gun with my left hand. Its cold and greasy. I raise it to my head and pull the trigger. For a moment I feel that I have made a mistake and loved the life I lived. I thought about the things I wished I had done. But it was much too late to do them. I heard a boom and felt a quick dreadful pain in my temples. I was dead.

I made this poem by myself...It has a lot of meaning to it and I hope all you get what it is. Thanks
Hearing your name the memories come back again
I remember when it started happening
I see you in every thought I had and then
The thoughts slowly found words attached to them.
>*>life is hard<*<
>*>and i know its true<*<
>*>but in the end<*<
>*>i will still have yoo<*<

(((i love yoo sean)))

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