Quotes added on Friday, February 13 2004

I dont know what to say
or even where to start
But I never would have guessed
it'd be you to break my heart.

You can just walk away
But I dont feel the same
My love for you was true
And to you it was all a game.

I wish there were a way
I could go back in time
As if you were still mine.

Please someone tell me when
this pain will go away
when I'll forget the past
and move on to another day

A day where just for once
Your face wont cross my mind
I won't think of our memories
I'll just leave them all behind

I wont think of our good nights
Or the way you made me feel
I'll move on to someone new
Someone whose love is real.

I won't miss your arms around me
holding me so tight
I wont long to feel your body
Pressed against mine through the night.

The memory of your kiss
will finally disappear
and never again for you
shall I shed another tear.

I say all this right now
Wishing it was true
but I know tonight, I will go to bed,
Crying over you.......:(
-Homeless guys from Mr.Deeds
"I believe in a thing called love!"
-The Darkness
Do you think chickens can kiss?
Have chickens ever tried to kiss because
I mean they don't have any lips...
Hmmm do you think thats where the term "peck" came from?
This love has taken its toll on me, she said good-bye too many times before..
-Maroon 5 "This Love"
ThEy SaY mE *N* Mi GuRlS r LiKe (( iCe ))
CuZ wHeN wE wAlK iNtO a rOoM...
* e v e r y b o d y * f r e e z e s *
yOoO wEe OfF ta "sKoOl"
wE mItE gEttA liL sIDe TrAcKeD
Or wE mItE gEt LoSt
sOo If U lOoKiN 2 ChIlL wIT Us
wElL bEe OutSidE aWaY fROm dA SkOol
bUt iF Ur sCurEd
wElL bE bAk aT thE eNda ThE dAy
oN ThE busS
hIt ThEm Up rIngAlInGa

*)Mi MiLksHaKe bRiNgs AlL tHe bOys 2 Da YArd(*
*(n ThEre lIke... ItS bEtTa ThAn YuRs)*
* DAMN* rIgHt.... iTs bEtTa tHen yUrs*
*) i cOuLd tEaCh yOo... bUt Id HaVe 2 cHaRgE(*
Have you ever had one of those dreams,
were you lose everything you have?
Have you ever had one of those dreams,
were you dont know if its true?
Have you ever had one of those dreams,
were you lose the one you love?
Then you wake up...and find out that its true
everything did happen.
and know its through.

i know its stupid but its all i could think of!
*iF yU lOvE sUmOnE pUt tHeRe nAmE*
*iN a cIrcLe nOt a hEaRt*
*cUz a hEaRt cAn b BroKen...*
*bUt a cIrcLe gOeS oN fOrEvEr*

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