Quotes added on Sunday, February 15 2004

BaBii ur so special too mee...
nuttin can break us in half or
mess up wut we have together..
BaBii wen ever im in ur arms i
feel lyke im in heaven and wen ur
lips touch mine my whole body trembles..
i jus wanted u too kno tha ur so special
to me n no one will ever take ur place..
DeDiCaTeD too JoEy
Well can't u see im away
aparently not cause ur still
iming me..ur jus wasting ur
time iming me wen u kno im
not here..pplz could be so
strange sumtime..
Jeniffer Orginal
u jus wasted 3 seconds looking
@ this away mess..
its funny cause u told
me we'll be together 4
eva and tha u would luv
me 4 eva..then u go n
pull this goin out wif
another gurl probaly tellin
her tha u love her too but
shes goin to come to realolize
tha u r jus on of those stuck up
Evrytime my tears f a l l..
A piece of my heart f a l l s with them </3
whishin *u* were h/e/r/e.........
Leavin ur best friend messgaes on aol $5.00...Callin her cuz she dont come back $2.00...Gas fo tha car $25.00...Goin all tha way to Blockbuster to see her PRICELESS!!...
Ya SeE dAt LiTtLe BoOk NeXt 2 MaH nAmE??? It MeAnZ iM nOt HeRe So DoNt Im Me!!!
If you were my homework I would so be doing you right now! ; ) LoL!
I want you... I need you... to leave a message!! ;-) lol
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