Quotes added on Wednesday, February 18 2004

I'm the queen of CuTe
I'm the DuChEsS of fUn
as the DaMe of DeLiGhTfUl
I'm SeConD to nOnE
I'm the EmPrEsS of aWsOmE
I'm the CouNteSs of cOoL
I'm a TrUe RoYaL pRiNcEsS
and thats y I rUlE!!

© JeNnY <3
Live Life 2 the FULLEST
Cuz yah NeVa KnOW
When there's a ToMoRrOw


--BaBi KiCi--
Its amazing how one person can make your worst day seem perfect
its comforting to know that, that one person will always be there for you
but you never know when that one person is going to leave,
once they leave you feel heartbroken
you feel like you have just been stabbed
you wish that you were stabbed with something that was razor sharp so you wouldn’t feel the pain as strong
but not everyone gets what they want
after a few months you make yourself think that you have gotten over them when you really haven’t
so you go out with friends and meet someone new
then you think to yourself something that seems quite familiar
“its amazing how one person can make your worst day seem perfect”
*~*DoNt MaKe Me AcT a FoOl*~*
~* Drive me crazy*~
**Hot n wild**
$I aint spicy or hot$
*!Luv Me Now!*
!*Luv me again*!
!Luv me till the end!
*And tell me im more than a friend*

"Lies run sprints,But the truth runs marathons"-Michael jackson
When Im With You
My World Turns *InSiDe OuT*
When I look at you
My eyes Go off in to a [Day Dream]
When I think about you
I think about ((No OnE ElSe))
BeCaUsE YoO My BaBy
AnD No One ElSe

{*)Kara(*} (())MuaH(())
My Gurl (Name Here)
Always brings My sprit back to life
when i am sad she wipes the tears
When i am loney she calls me up
When i am happy she laughs with me
When i am sick she stays by my side
when i am broke she helps me through it
As Yo0 CaN SeE..
My GiRl (name here) Means Everything to me!!
ROSES are red
VIOLETS are blue
GOD made me pretty
BUT WHAT happen to you

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