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..do it in different colors it looks hot!!

.:*LoOkIn iN Ur EyEs, SeEiN aLl I neEd, EvErYtHiNg U R iS EvErYtHiN In Me, ThEsE R Da MoMeNtS, I nO HeAvEn MuSt ExSiSt & ThEsE R Da MoMeNtS, I nO AlL I NeEd iS DiS, I'vE FoUnD AlL I'vE WaItEd 4 & I CuD NoT AsK 4 MoRe*:.
SaYiN yOuRe *ItALiAn* Iz JuSt AnOtHeR wAy
To ShOw *PrIdE* bUt WhEn U dEaL wIt
ThIs LiL iTaLiAn PrInCeSs YoUrE iN 4 A hElL oF a RiDe
iTaLiAn PriDe gOtTa Be iN uR MiNd iTaLiAn bLoOd iS uR KiNd So StEp aSiDe & LeT mE ThRo CuZ iTs aLL AbOuT tHe iTaLiAn cReW iTaLiAn LuV iS aLL ArOuNd My FeLLoW iTaLIaNz nEvEr LeT mE dOwN So ShOw uR PriDe & SaY iTz TrU CuZ iTaLIaN BLooD fLoWzZ RiTe ThRo
There are 2 kinds of people, those that are Italian and those that wish they were
-:-Dreams could be shattered...you could be gone...how would I survive?..Cause you're where I belong...-:-
It's so weird...almost like a lil school boy-girl relationship. I was [so in love] with him...then I met YOU and you changed -:- MY LIFE-:- Forever...so maybe love can fool us? I don't kno...The only thing I kno for sure is that ..::You're Where I Belong::...
99.9 percent of blondes are smart... the only one who is dumb is my little sister!
din din er er

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