Quotes added on Sunday, February 22 2004

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends
Make it last forever friendship never ends,
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is.

-Spice Girls, WANNABE
everybody should be a leader, but yo gotta a follower sum time!
WhO ArE u? DonT aNsWeR ThaT...y ArE u ImInG mE? DonT aNsWeR ThaT...dO u SeE mY aWaY mEsSaGe? DonT aNsWeR ThaT...iS ThE wOrLd CiRcLe Or sQuArE? DonT aNsWeR ThaT...aM i AnNoYiNg? DonT aNsWeR ThaT...ArE u TiReD oF rEaDiNg ThiS? DonT aNsWeR ThaT...dO u ThinK iM CrAziE? DonT aNsWeR ThaT...hOw CoMe EvErY TiMe i AsK u SoMeThiNg u DonT aNsWeR mE!...
y0u t0ld me .l.i.e.s.
y0u made me .c.r.y.
i l0ve .y.0.u.
i [-*th0ught*-] y0u did .t.0.0.
i guess i was w.r.0.n.g.
because i`m sitting here in the .d.a.r.k.
all |a|l|o|n|e|

(c)my bestest*friend
*-she still loves him... :-/
sometimes i wish i could jus
press fastforward--------->
to see if its all worth it
((_)) (( monkeying around ))
°°° °°°
lifes hard.........get a helmet :-\
I`ve had enough of your lies
They`ve made me cry
I always say
That I can`t get back with you
Being strong
But when we`re face to face
I can`t
I love you so
You will never know

(c)vivian... the bestest*friend ever!

he's such an @$$ for hurting her...
he has no clue what he's missing...
when it hurts to look back,
and you dont wanna look ahead,
you can look right beside,
and your BEST FRIEND will be there
roll what?
bear who?
Go Georgia Bulldogs

((this is for all you UGA fans))
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