Quotes added on Sunday, February 22 2004

Only God can judge me
You're no different nor better than I am
c/ in God's eyes were all the same
X. Upset inside .X.
feeling out of place
·We need to decide·
never could forget ur face
.X. these feelings I can not with hold .X.
my hands in urs will forever be
·You should have never got so cold·
)(+)( So this is my plee )(+)(
.X. forever will we be .X.
together w.e. shall
...CoNqUeR iT aLl...
never apart . you and me
.X. My love for you is great .X.
I believe all this is fate
. . .·* if you shall leave *·. . .
my heart will break
Me Nd My GiR|S
wE pLaY iT rIgHt
No BoY iS gOnNa
StArT a FiGhT

wE wOrK tOgEtHeR
tHaTs HoW wE pLaY
tHaTs HoW wE wOrK
aNd HoW wE'|L sTaY

My grls=My world**((Initia|s Here))
<3 he gave her 12 roses; 11 real 1 fake... and said i will love u until the last rose dies<3
WARNING: Single, Sexy,and Highly Toxic
DoNt rAiN oN mY pArAdE
~ many ppl but from= drama queen!~
A girl asked a guy,"Do you think I'm pretty?" He said "No." She asked "Do you think I'm fat?", He said "Yes." She asked, "Do you want to be with me forever?", He said "No." So she asked,"If I walked away right now would you cry?", He said "No." By this time the girl had heard enough and needed to leave, as she started to walk away the guy grabbed her and said ... " I don't think your pretty, I think your beautiful"., "The only thing fat is your heart.", "I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever.", and ... " I wouldn't cry if you walked away right now, I'd die."
Stop Drop Kaboom! Absolutely no violence! Ghandi was a peaceful dude and he stood for all silence! Startin lotsa protests-got arrested a few, baby no one fought like Ghandi!We can tell ya this is true!

-A small part of Holiday Inndia ((based on the song Holiday Inn))
Made by taylor and nicole for world cultures class ahaha good times babe...
""Shake It"" Dont Brake It Took Your Momma 9 Months To Make It
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