Quotes added on Monday, February 23 2004

look at the fear in my eyes
listen to the quiver in my voice
cant you see
im scared to death
what your doing has my head spinning
has my heart jumping out my chest
has my legs shaking out of control
and every ounce of me is saying
run get out
its not worth it
youll get hurt
its too perfect
all i think about is
spending forever with you
Got my girlies with me
Lookin as cute as can be
Best freinds as long as we are alive
All together in our Circle of 5
*LbPwSt'S for life*

<33 Lindsey Katherine
One day about 5 kids were late for school. Now it just so happens that they're teacher happened to be absent that day, meaning they had a sub. Well the first boy walks in about 5 minutes late, and when asked where he was he replies "I was on top of Cherry Hill." The substitute just assumed this was a hill nearby. She just shoke her head and let the kid go. About 5 minutes later another boy walks in and again explains he was late because he was on top of Cherry Hill. This happened about three more times. Finally a little girl walks in and before she could utter a word the sub asked sounding annoyed, "Let me guess you were on top of Cherry Hill??" The girl replies with "No, I am Cherry Hill."

<33 Lindsey Katherine
the >pReTtIeSt< pEoPlE
Do ThE >uGlIeSt< ThAnGs

OoHh So TrUe...:-/
I just dont want to miss you tonight
i took the challenge i must confess...i never met someone so hard to impress but all you need is someone to love you...who needs the rest?
i've found a reason to show a side of me you didn't know a reason for all that I do and the reason is you
we thrive to be a team of 1 with 1 mind, 1 heart and 1 focus Becuase we are the NA Tigers<---[put whatever team you are in there]
Boy I think that I'm in love with you
I've been doin silly things when it comes to you
~life isn't fair but you have to deal with it and move on~
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