Quotes added on Tuesday, February 24 2004

you sey i wasn't good enough to have you
but how do you know?
i was here for all tha times you needed help
now i lay in my bed thinking i do everything he aks....
why can't we be.....happy

/\ just made it up! hope ya like . this was frum the back of my head...
A Razor Blade,
My Trusty Friend,
Whenever I Am Afraid,
Whenever I Have Problems To Mend,
My Razor Blade,
Will Always Come To My Aide,
In Time Of Trauma, Or Pain,
Always A Relief To Watch The Blood Drain,
My Razor Blade,
As I Watch My World Fade,
Into A Puddle On The Ground,
I Look Quickly At The Wound,
Why Must My Life Be This Painful?
Oh Razor Blade Silence My Cries,
And Let Me Say My Good Byes,
I Have Made Many Mistakes And I Need,
To See My Pain Bleed,
Razor Blade,
Wut Have You Done?
My World Is Starting To Fade,
I Guess We Won,
My Cries Start To Hush,
And The Blood Continues To Rush,
My World Is Slipping,
The Blood Is Still Dripping,
I cant Hold On Any Longer,
I WIsh I Could Have Been Stronger,
My Cries Stop As I Slip In A Deep Sleep,
Where I Will Forever Wander

(C) OrIgInAl CrEAsHUnZ By 0xCrAZiBlOnDex0
ThIs Is HoW I ReAllY Feel ! TeLl Me WuT You ThinK By ImIng Me On Aim ! Its On My AbOuT Me PaGe!!! (AmP)
s0me0ne asked me *d0 y0u kn0 where heaven iz?*..
I smiled and I p0inted tO y0u and sOftly said..
*[..between his legs..]*
*dnT jUdgE a gUy bY hIs bOxErS
iTs waT iNsIdE tHaT cOuNtS!*
.*Wit an X & an O i am out lyke WOAH>>
<7 digitz Baby>Hit me up>
(ur #)
.::::~*!$$ur name$$*!~::::.
~*!!Friends are lyke bras they Support you!!*~
Roses are red
Violets are Blue
We were together
what happened to me and you?
we were perfect and fyne
i was pretty
you were cool
roses are red but violets rn't yet blue....
BaD FrIeNdShiPs ArE lIkE mOnEy-
EaSy To MaKe BuT hArD tO kEeP!
- sOme qirl`s knO a few thinq`s bOut me
( But these qirls knO my whOle biOgraphy )
ahh(their names here)ilug!bf4l!x0o

this is to my girls Lauren Paige Gina nd Nicoleyy...may we b friends till tha end i love you girls so0o frackin much
luv ya....luv vic
- - > oUr OuTft'Z s0o riDiCuLoUs < - -
|[their names here((seperated by stars {*}))]|
.. iN dAcLuBb lOoKiN sO cOnsPiCuOuS

luv ya paige laur gina nd nicoleyyy

luv vic
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