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Let's Jack The Truck...lol

and i, know this might sound crazy
but after all that i still love you
you wanna come back in my life
but now there`s something that i have to do
i have to tell the one that i once adored
that they can`t have my love no more
`cause my heart can`t take no more lies
and my eyes are all out of cries
laughing so hard
i got tears in my eyes
walking in the park
under sapphire skies
crying so deep
that i think i might die
your mistakes i keep in the back of my mind
so hard to let go but i'm comin` round
the scars are still fragile
--don`t let me down--
our memories
well , they can be inviting
but some are altogether
might frightening
as we die , both you and i
with my head in my hands
i sit and cry
don't speak
i know just what your saying
so please stop explaning
dont tell me cause it hurts
dont speak
i know what your thinking
and i dont need your reasons
dont tell me caus it hurts
Dont Speak - No Doubt
i like stay to up late
spend hours on the phone
hangin` out with friends
and never being at home
i`m impolite and make fun of everyone
i`m immature but i`ll stay this way forever
until the day i die, i promise i won`t change
so you better give up
i don`t wanna be told to grow up
and i don`t wanna change
i just wanna have fun
i don`t wanna be told to grow up
and i don`t wanna change
so you better give up
`cause i`m not gonna change
i don`t wanna grow up
Grow Up -- Simple Plan
happyness is like peeing in your pants , everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth
lately i can`t be happy for no one
they think i need some time to myself
i try to smile but i can`t remember
and i knwo tomorrow there`ll be nothing else
will i always be there for you
when you need someone, will i be that one you need
will i do all my best to protect you
when the tears get near your eyes
will i be the one thats by your side
will i be there when you call me in the middle of the night
will i keep the rain from falling down into your life
will i take tender care of you
take the darkest night and make it bright for you
will i be there to make you strong and to lean on
when this world has turned so cold
will i be the one thats there to hold
i promise i will

(stacie orrico)
i survived the crash , survived the burn
survived the worst , yeah baby but i learned
survived the lies , survived the blues
almost killed me but i survived trhe truth
and when you wrote me off like i was doomed.. i survived you..
-cLay Aiken!!<3
id do anything
just to hold you in my arms
to try to make you laugh
cuz somehow i cant put you in the past
id do anything
just to fall asleep with you
will you remember me?
cause i know, i wont forget you
i`d do anything -- Simple Plan
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