Quotes added on Friday, February 27 2004

each dream of mine begins and ends
with loving thoughts of you
and youre the most important part
of everything i do
youre on my mind and in my heart
each moment of the day
and no one else in the whole wide world
could make me feel this way!
You said you fell in love with an angel and I guess it must be true 'cause everyone around can tell how much she means to you what does she have that I don’t? I wonder after we grew apart then the answer came to me she hold the key to you heart maybe you are right she is an angel like you said but she took away MY heaven leaving me with tears instead. Stop telling me about your angel why on earth cant you see? You’re breaking my heart all over again because I know your angels not me.
I lost my way to da keyboard... tryin to find it
                       (        )
                        (      )

(a) at the park
(b) at school
(c) at work
(d) who knows, who cares


...Made it all by mah self
                 (              )
                  (            )
                   \          /
                    \        / 
                     \      /
                    |________|          <Its an ice cream sunday>

Made it all by mah self

Clap your hands!
(stomp stomp stomp)
Stomp your feet!
(clap clap clap)
Retardination cant be beat
0ur friendship :.*uNbReAkAbLe*.:
My girls..... :.*uNmIsTaKaBlE*.:

<~~ dedicated to Beccy, Megan, Holly, Lucy, Chrissy, BreannEa, Hannah, Jennie, Courtney, and Addy.
I love you girls to death! thanks for everything!

<33 Lindsey Katherine
No MaTtEr WhAt WeRe StIcKiN 2gEtHeR
[[2dAY]] ((2mOrRoW)) {{sCrAtCh tHaT}}
*F o R e V e R*
And as I stand here looking at you, I wonder if there will ever be a day when I will get over your smile...when I will let go of the hugs you gave me, that I continue to feel...A day when I forget the words you said to me...Forget what you meant to me, or forget how much I love you. But no matter what you did to me, or whatever happens to us...I know I could never get over, let go, or forget you.
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