Quotes added on Sunday, February 29 2004

ppppppppp   h         y        y    L            u       u    mmm        mmm
p       p   h          y      y     L            u       u     m          m
ppppppppp   h           y   y       L            u       u    m  m      m  m
p           hhhhhhh       y         L            u       u    m   m    m   m
p           h     h       y         L            u       u    m     m      m
p           h     h       y         LLLLLLLLL    uuuuuuuuu    m            m

it should say phylum. boy, do i love that band!!

aim sn- RiSk X iT AlL!

                (\_/)                   (\_/) 
               (='.')                   ('.'=) 
               (")_(") sexy lil bunnies(")_(")
`·- - - -> i got wat you bitchez r missin u try
to shine while i ( naturally ) glisten *
`·- - - -> i got wat you bitchez r missin u try
to shine while i ( naturally ) glisten *
Everythin falls apart
even tha ppl who never frown
eventually break down-LiNkiN pArK
" when you're a kid you see the life you want & it never
crosses your mind that its not gonna turn out that way "
**If I hAd OnE wIsH**
*i Wud Be YoUr TeArS*
**To Be BoRn In YoUr EyEs**
*AnD dIe On YoUr LiPs*
**BuT iF yOu WeRe My TeArS**
*I wUd NeVeR cRy*
**In FeAr Of LoSiNg YoU**
Dont say you love me,
if you dont really care,
cuz one night ill be hopin to my life
wishin u were there...
A young nun said to Mother Superior:
"I was out walking in the garden last
night and the gardener took me, threw me
to the ground and well, you know...can
you give me advice?"
"Go and eat 10 lemons," Mother Superior replied.
"But that won't cleanse my sins away."
"I know, but it will wipe away that contented
grin on your face."
We’ve known each other practically since birth
We’ve held on together through this crazy world Earth
We’ve had our fights
But No matter what
We promised to be best friends
All of our lives
Until one Saturday Night
We had a fight
That ruined our whole entire lives
You wanted something different from me
So we did the only thing we could
Was agree……
We agreed to take a break from each other
Not to talk to one another
But who knows how long this will last
Maybe 1 or 2 months perhaps
I need you to something important
That I will always be here
For you to come back
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