Quotes added on Tuesday, March 2 2004

-*The sooner you let two hearts beat together*-
-*The soon you'll know this love is forever*-

Dont Take credit for my idea please ! thanks a bunch ! =)
Girls are always complaing about "Being the friend never the girl" well what about us who are "ALWAYS the GIRl NEVER the FRIEND?"
Don't say forever
because forever doesn't last
just look into your future
and forget your horrible past

yeah I know it's bad but whatever
This is what Andrea wrote for her best friend Lynzi right before she died...

I love the way you make me smile
Even when I' sad.
And I love the way you make me laugh,
Even when im mad.
Me and you have so many memories,
That I could never forget.
You always calmed me down,
Wheneva I threw a fit.
When I needed to cry,
You always had a shoulder.
I only wish I could be,
Half the friend you are.
You are my bestfriend
You are my shining star
I love You Lynzi

XoxO.. MuCh <3
It still hurts

The pain i have been through it hurts so bad
when you left i felt sad
i said to myself things will get better
we just weren't meant to be together
I loved him with all my heart
but it got torn apart
even though i said i was over him
i don't think i am
because everyday my heart beats an extra beat for him, and i go through that pain for him
in fact i am still feeling that pain because my heat it still hurts

use it jus don't take credit
ABCDEFG Gummie bears are chasing me..one is red one is blue..a yellow one just stole my shoe..ABCDEFG Gummie bears are chasing me

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~~i finally found out:~~
**how bright the stars can get**
**how you can smile so much your cheeks hurt**
**how bright a rainy day could be**
**how heaven is so much closer than it seems**
i never thought any
guy could be this perfect...
BuT i KnOw

add color to make it look better and where this * is make red if u want to make it look real and the stars blue

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