Quotes added on Thursday, March 4 2004

-*I guess that once you've loved someone- and admit it - theres no crossing back. Its a line that will forever stay embedded deep in your heart- because once you've loved someone, it doesnt go away ... your forced to care.-*
..After You Left Something Was Missing - My Smile..
*-YoU MaY ThInK Of Me As jUsT 'sOmE gIrL' BuT i WaNt yoU To kNoW tHAt iM ThE gIrL ThAt tOoK OnE LoOk aT yOu AnD FeLL hARdEr tHaN IvE EvEr FaLLeN For AnYoNe iN My eNtIrE LifE-*
_EvErYoNe KeEpS TeLLiN mE To MoVe oN n gEt OvEr yOu - oBvIoUsLy tHeY dOnT unDeRsTaNd ThAT IvE aLrEaDy TrIeD..._
*-I understand that you just want to be friends - and thats ok with me - but please, please just make me stop falling even harder...-*
The nex time u think ur perfect.........

FrIeNdZ DonT LeT FrIeNdZ DrEzz LiKe StRiPPeRz...Not alone, y should they get the attention with out me??

Cleatz~$35 Softball~$3 Softball jersy~$50 Bat~$30 Hit a homer to win the game and get a party with lots of cake thrown just 4 u~pricless/and a big stomach
yo yo yo wutch want from me cuz i aint nuttin but a family if u need some money go to a bar cuz thats were i got my cigar

~..~!malli and maddy!~..~

we r best friendz
sry mar
.:*:. It HaS To Be tHat R E A C H foR tHe *S*T*A*R*S* OvEr ThE fEnCh WORLD sIeRiS tYpE t h i n g! .:*:.

-- either mary kate or ashley in it take two!
luv PaIgE
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