Quotes added on Friday, March 5 2004

...DiAmOnDs aRe NiCe aNd sO aRe pEaRLs...BuT dOn'T nOtHiNg cOmPaRe tO uS sOuThErN gUrLs...
i DoNt WaNt DiAmOnDs oR pEarlz i DoNt WaNt tHe WoRLd i JuSt wAnT SoMeOnE tO LoVe Me AnD CaLL mE ThEiR -BaByGiRL-
--»¿PMS?«-- |*•°¤NoOo.. I jUsT doNt LiKe YoU¤°•*|
--»DrEaMs«-- |*•°¤ aRe ReAL...aLL yOu hAvE tO dO iS beLiEvE... ¤°•*|
It's weird...when your a kid you have this picture of how your life is gonna be,
and it never crosses your mind that it's not gonna end up like that...
"Time doesnt heal wounds..
..It just makes you realize how deep they truly are"
Every beginning has an end...but in life, every end has a new beginning. -Uptown Girls
laughter is timeless...
imagination has no age...
. . . * dReAmS aRe FoReVeR * . . .
dOn`t teLl me the sKy;*
iS the limit '*' theRe aRe
footprints oN the mOon
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