Quotes added on Monday, March 8 2004

~Never make a promise that you cant keep~
~We made a promise to be friends 4ever~
~Yea it was going great~
~Until Middle school came along~
~It change the person i thought i knew,as my best friend~
~I relize Soon that promise we made..not going to last 4ever~
~A true friend would help you get up but a best friend laughs at you b/c she the one who trip you~
*DoNt HaTe me N RaTe me SiMpLy CuZ YoU AiNt ME
*I DoNt WaLk ArOunD TrYiNg To be WhAt Im NoT
*I DoNt WaStE My TiMe TrYiNg To GeT WhAt YoU GoT
*I WoRk At PLeAsInG Me n Not SaTiSfYiNg yOu
*ThAtS WhY I Do ExAcTLY WhAt I WaNnA Do
*BeFoRe u JuDgE Me ..TaKe a GooD LoOk aT u..
dOnT u HaVe aNytHiNg BeTTa tO dO..
sEeMz 2 Me uR a LiL sLoW 2 uNdAStAnD..
-iGnOrAnCe n JeALoUsY- Go HaNd iN HaNd..
GeT It sTrAiGhT..*
SuM 1 WhO sTaRtZ sH*T wiT mE tHiNkiN DeYll aCtUaLLy WiN
i jUsT wALk aWaY LaUgHiN SaYiN
. .iMaGiNe. .
((People Are Gunna Talk About You..))
((Especially When They Envy You And The Life You Live))
((..But Let Them..))
((Because You Affected Their Lives))
((...And They Didn't Affect Yours...))
WeN i WaLk In Da HaTaZ sToP n sTaRe
WeLL kEeP oN LoOkiN cUz i DuN FuKiN cAre
i HaVe MaH oWn LyFe N MaH oWn sTyLe
iM nOt TrYiN tA pLeAzE u Or MaKe Ya sMyLe
THiNk U cAn JoCk MaH sKiLlZ?
WaT u DoIn GuRl..
PoPPiN PiLLz?!?!
i GoT nO pRoBLeMz wIt PrEpZ oR SkAtAz
ThE oNLy pEoPLe i cAnT sTaNd r
--PLaYaZ n HaTaZ--
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