Quotes added on Wednesday, March 10 2004

You loved me you hated me your friends w/ me to the end we said.....
but then you had to do the stuff you did now we ain't..........
now were sad deep down inside but most of all............ you picked a guy ova me and we are suppose to be best friends so Im mad!!!!
~~~~~My best friend wrote that about one of her best friends!!!!!!
*** I'm NoT dIcE sO dOn'T pLaY mE!!!!!!

*** iF lOvE iSn'T a GaMe ThEn WhY aRe ThErE sO mAnY pLaYaS?????

***To ThE wOrLd U mIgHt MeAn OnE pErSoN....bUt To OnE pErSoN u MiGhT mEaN tHe WoRlD!!
[brick] wall, waterfall
%n thinks they got it all
but they dont and i do
so boom with that attitude
peace, punch, capn crunch
i got sumthin you cant touch
bang bang chu chu train
wind me up i do my thang
no reeses pieces, 7up
mess with me ill mess u up
please wait while downloading virus...
do you believe in magic in a young grlz heart??
when the music can free her whenever it startz??
-- i do
I wanna be the one hes calls his <o.w.n.>
The one you spend hours talkin to one the <p.h.o.n.e.>
I wanna be the one you call your <b.a.b.i. g.i.r.l.>
The one putting your head in a <w.h.i.r.l.>
I wanna be the one he points to and says to his boys, there she is man...
*My Wh0lE w0rLd*

I didn't make it up, but the other one was lil too ghetto for me...

<33 Lindsey Katherine
soccer isn't an obsession
its LIFE
i love you(name)more than ice cream
and i never love nething more than ICE CREAM
Babbi boii u got tha style ive always wanted............ilyahs
SchOOl--wat jOy
leave tha lOve
bbk later--gater
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